Vivo Resort

Agency: Kaldor Brand Strategy & Design

VIvo Resort is a hotel and resort community in Puerto Escondido, on the little-known Emerald Coast of Oaxaca. After visiting Puerto Escondido last year, I was delighted to have the opportunity to write about Oaxaca’s je-ne-sais-quoi quality in materials for Vivo, including direct mail, airport ads, and a brochure. You can find excerpts from the latter below.

Spread 1 - Bienvenido a la Buena Vida

It's difficult to describe Vivo Resorts and Oaxaca's unspoiled Emerald Coast to someone who hasn't been here. It's a place to be seen and felt firsthand – best experienced with all five senses. 

Puerto Escondido's most obvious charms are visual – crystal clean water in a gradient of blues, little coves and long stretches of pristine Pacific beach. Its tastes and smells – the fresh, flavourful food of Oaxaca – attract people from all over the world. Its sounds are crashing waves, children squealing with glee, and the Vivo conch, blown at happy hour or when a whale is spotted offshore. 

And its feel? Sunshine on your skin, warm tiles underfoot. The spray of the sea. The warmth of community. Happiness. 

This is the good life. Make it yours. 

Spread 2 - Four years, 15 countries, 44 factors. One perfect place.

Vivo is the outcome of an exhaustive multi-year search by a husband, father and son determined to find a resort location that would delight three generations. It started on a chilly day in Palm Springs. Real estate developer Cary Mullen was visiting his retired parents, who were perfectly happy with weather that was warmer than their native Canada’s. For Cary, warmer than Canada wasn’t warm enough. Why settle for satisfactory when you can have optimal?

And so began Cary’s search for optimal. For a place his parents would want to live, and he and his family would want to holiday. Weather was the first of what would become 44 factors by which he measured 30 potential beachfront destinations. He searched for four years, driving up and down coasts in Turks and Caicos, the Bahamas, Puerto Rico, Hawaii, Chile, Brazil, and the Dominican Republic.

And then, finally, he found it. Puerto Escondido.

A little-known surfing destination on the southern tip of Oaxaca’s Emerald Coast. Ideal year-round temperatures, low rainfall, safe climatic patterns, and an ocean that’s warm to the touch: it ticked all Cary’s boxes. But it was pure instinct – the feel of the place – that told him he’d finally found optimal.

Best of all, it was – and is – pure untapped potential.

Places like this don’t stay undiscovered. Vivo is your chance to claim a piece of Puerto Escondido before the secret gets out.

Don’t miss it.