Switchboard PR

I was engaged by what was then Kathleen Reid Consulting (KRC) after the PR firm's principal Kathleen Reid realized her company had outgrown its name. I was part of a team that helped Kathleen choose a new company name,  then created a brand strategy for the newly minted Switchboard PR. I interviewed a number of KRC’s stakeholders to understand what the small agency was known and appreciated for. Then I articulated those strengths and differentiators in brand pillars and brand platform (below), giving Switchboard’s growing team a manifesto to guide its brand communication going forward.

We are Switchboard. We’re jacks of all trades, and masters of getting sh#t done. 

Brand pillars

We are change makers. 

Call us idealistic, but we’re here to create positive change in the world — and we work with clients who want to do the same. Whether they’re reimagining the way we bank or donate, commute or communicate, we collaborate with disrupters and boundary pushers who are determined to make a difference in their communities and the world. 

We are problem solvers. 

Bring us a problem, yeah, we’ll solve it. The most satisfying part of what we do is solving our clients’ problems — the bigger, the more impossible, the better. We love a challenge, so we work with organizations that challenge themselves, the status quo — and us. 

We are community connectors. 

Relationships — people — are a vital part of what we do. We’re passionate about connecting with people in our various communities — and connecting people to one another. We’re always looking to facilitate introductions between our clients and our significant network of friends, partners and colleagues. It’s one of the many ways we provide a little extra magic to our clients. 

We are storytellers. 

We find the story in whatever our clients do, and we make sure the right people hear it. By focusing on the stories, rather than the facts and figures, we ensure that our messages are authentic, human, and real — so they cut through the clutter and make an impact. 

We are thought leaders. 

We are recognized experts in our fields. We know our stuff, and love to share it. That’s why we engage in — and lead — local conversations around communication and business development for start-ups and the impact sector.

Brand Platform

We are Switchboard. Call us idealistic, but we believe we’re here to create positive change in our communities and the world. That’s why we work with change makers — organizations that are on a mission to disrupt the status quo; to make life better; to challenge and change the way we do everyday things, like bank, commute or communicate. Their unwillingness to stop pushing for better is what energizes us, day in and day out. And energetic we are — no matter how big the challenge, how heavy the load, we get sh#t done. We may be small, but we are mighty. 

And what is it we do, exactly? We solve problems, tell stories, connect with people and connect people to each other. Most importantly, we help our clients reach their biggest, boldest goals, so they can maximize their impact and create a better world.