SFU Viewbook 2017

Agency: Kaldor Brand Strategy & Design

Viewbooks are the annual student recruitment print pieces that universities and colleges create to tell the story of the institution and attempt to convince prospective students to choose them. I’ve written a lot of viewbooks, and this one from SFU is probably my favourite. The concept – Day One – allowed me to have some fun with storytelling, drawing on that long-ago-but-still-familiar-first-day-of-school feeling. Rumour has it that SFU told Kaldor my first-version copy was the ‘tightest’ first draft they’d ever worked with.

SFU viewbook

Imagine your first day.

This is it. You've made it. You've worked hard, and earned a place at one of Canada's top universities. 

Day One is a day of firsts: first night in residence, first lecture, first new friend. Beyond that, there are many more firsts to come: your first all-nighter, first exam, first day of the class that changes everything. 

Today, on this first Day One, everything is new. What you don't know yet is that corners of this campus will soon be yours: your study spot, your cafe, your patch of grass. That the unfamiliar faces around you be your classmates, teammates, roommates; that some will become your lifelong friends. In a few years, you'll graduate together: capable, confident, and ready to lead. 

One day soon, this will be your SFU. Until then, there is this. Day One. Where your journey begins. 

SFU viewbook 2

SFU is you. 

Day One is much more than your first day of university. It's the beginning of your new, post high-school life: the future you will create for yourself. Whether you know what you want to do or you're still figuring it out, getting there rarely happens in a straight line. That's why SFU degrees are designed to give you room to explore and experience: different courses, clubs, countries, and careers. We believe figuring out your future is about the journey, not the destination. 

Day One is a blank page, full of promise and possibility. If that excites and inspires you, you're in the right place. You are SFU.