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Agency: Kaldor Brand Strategy & Design

During my years as an in-house strategist and copywriter, I did numerous projects with Sheridan. Among them: sub-brand strategies for each of Sheridan’s six academic faculties. After the institution rebranded around creativity, each of the faculties sought an articulation of their own sub-brands – what sets them apart from competitor institutions’ equivalent programs and faculties, and how creativity factors into what they do. For some faculties – like Sheridan's famed Faculty of Animation, Art and Design – the connection to creativity was easy to understand. For others – like the Faculty of Applied Health and Community Studies – the role of creativity wasn't quite so obvious. For each faculty, I interviewed the Dean, Associate Deans, and a number of students, then articulated points of distinction and sub-brand platforms. Finally, to show how these internal brand documents would translate into communication with external audiences, I wrote student-facing copy – introductory spreads for fake student publications – to demonstrate how the new sub-brand strategies would look, feel and sound to current and prospective students. Two of those spreads are below. To learn more about the sub-brand strategies that inspired these spreads, please get in touch.

Our studio is a studio, a lab, an incubator for new ideas – and a vibrant creative community. 

Industry insiders – your future employers – love Sheridan. They come from all over the world, not only to snap up our graduates, but to collaborate with us on projects and productions. As a FAAD student, you'll get to work side-by-side with our industry contacts on real-world initiatives – both during your field placements and on our Creative Campus. 

While you're here, you'll work on leading-edge technology in first-class facilities. You'll collaborate with your peers from other programs, sharing spaces, equipment and ideas. You'll be mentored by the best in the business: celebrated leaders in professional creative practice. You'll build a strong connection to our community, which will last well beyond your time at Sheridan. 

Equipped with the most current, in-demand skills, you'll graduate ready to take the creative industries by storm, joining the ranks of thousands of alumni who have gone on to lead roles in top animation studios, Broadway productions, and broadcasters. 

Join us, and experience our thriving Creative Campus for yourself. 

From future police officers to veterinary technicians in training, students in Sheridan's Faculty of Applied Health and Community Studies are diverse. However, they share one key trait: they're difference-makers.

Maybe you want to prevent crime in your neighbourhood. Or to set kids – or athletes – up to reach their fullest potential. Perhaps you're interested in finding new solutions to support your community's most vulnerable residents. 

The point is, you want to make a difference in your community; to affect positive change in the lives of others. Commitment – the desire to contribute – goes a long way. But to maximize your impact, you'll need real skills. 

You're in the right place. 

Though our progarm offering is diverse, Sheridan's Faculty of Applied Health and Community Studies shares a common purpose: to create healthier, stronger communities. And we've built each of our programs, from diplomas to degrees, around the skills you'll need to do so. 

These skills range from the practical skills associated with your career of choice to creative problem-solving skills. 

Why creativity? 

Because there are no out-of-the-box solutions to complex community issues. Solving big problems requires innovators who are willing to push boundaries and ask 'what if?'

Throughout your program, we'll give you plenty of opportunity to practice – both your hands-on skills and your creative ones, on campus and in a real work environment. You'll be guided and mentored by passionate professionals with plenty of field experience, and you'll train on the equipment used in the workplace. So, no matter which program you choose, you'll leave us with everything you need to affect meaningful change in your community. 

Ready to make a difference?