Sheridan OUF Campaign

Agency: Kaldor Brand Strategy & Design

One of the great things about working with a post-secondary institution whose brand identity is based on creativity is that you get to think outside the box. This campaign is one example of that. Sheridan is a degree-granting institution that’s in the process of transitioning from college to university status. Still a college, Sheridan is unable to participate in Ontario’s annual university fair, which hosts hundreds of thousands of university-bound students. Wanting to get Sheridan’s degree offerings in front of those students’ eyes, the Kaldor team devised a way to crash the OUF party. I wrote a series of short messages about Sheridan as an attractive alternative to traditional universities; those messages were sprayed in chalk on streets surrounding the fair venue. Our guerilla team also distributed collateral with the same messaging to students en route to the fair.

Get Creative at Sheridan. 

Creativity is about originality – about doing things in groundbreaking ways, and solving old problems with new thinking. At Sheridan, ever degree, diploma and certificate program is embedded with purposeful creativity – which means you'll graduate with the problem-solving and critical-thinking skills you'll need to thrive at work and in life.