Agency: Briteweb

IMBY is a blockchain-powered digital marketplace that removes financial and administrative barriers to real estate investment. Partnering with Briteweb, I worked with the IMBY team on a basic brand strategy, then developed core messaging, which you’ll find below.


Brand Story

IMBY stands for “In My Backyard.” We believe everyone should have the opportunity to invest in property in the communities they love.

That’s why we’re reinventing real estate investment.

Real estate has consistently been our economy’s most lucrative form of investment, but in today’s thriving cities, the barriers to entry are prohibitively high for many — especially young people. IMBY exists to eradicate those barriers, and make real estate investment simple and affordable for everyone. With IMBY’s real estate investment marketplace, you can invest in properties in your own city (or anywhere you like) for as little as $1.

Here’s how it works: homeowners list shares in their property on our online marketplace. When you buy shares in a listed property, you become a part-owner. As the property value increases, so does your share value. You benefit from the unparallelled returns previously enjoyed only by property owners. Meanwhile, IMBY allows homeowners to continue enjoying their property while freeing up equity to invest in other things. Everybody wins.

Our marketplace is powered by blockchain technology, and something called smart contracts, which means complete transparency and peace of mind are built into our platform. Blockchain will allow us to maintain an unchangeable ledger of all of the transactions that occur on our platform. It’s quick. It’s convenient. It’s the future of real estate.