Pacific Beachcomber

Agency: Wallop

Pacific Beachcomber is the leading provider of luxury travel experiences in French Polynesia. Working with Wallop, I developed a new brand story for the company that embodies Pacific Beachcomber’s expertise in and love for French Polynesia, and its remarkable dedication to protecting the area for future generations.


Brand Story

There is no place like French Polynesia. A sprinkling of 118 pinprick-sized islands, as close to paradise as you’ll find anywhere; as far from everything as you can be (yet, somehow, just eight easy hours from Los Angeles). It’s this very remoteness that makes the islands of Tahiti iconic around the world. Tahiti, Bora Bora, and their island neighbors conjure vivid images in our collective imagination — of coral-fringed lagoons with impossibly clear turquoise waters, jagged but lush mountain peaks, overwater bungalows.

This incredible archipelago is Pacific Beachcomber’s specialty, and our home. As other cruise ships come and go, and international hospitality brands count their South Pacific properties as one or more among many, we stay. Here for over 25 years, we are the foremost experts in hosting visitors to this remarkable corner of the planet, providing authentic, enriching travel experiences that are both delightful to guests and deferential to the natural and cultural treasures of Tahiti.

Whether you choose to stay at a seaside resort or in an overwater bungalow, aboard an intimate cruise ship or on a private island — or, even better, a combination of the above — our friendly and familial staff will proudly show you the very best of French Polynesia: colorful art, dancing, music and food. Vibrant flora and fauna. Exhilarating adventures on land and at sea. You’ll leave us feeling not only like you’ve had a once-in-a-lifetime vacation, but like you’ve meaningfully connected with these people and this place. You’ll leave having fallen for French Polynesia the way so many before you have. The way we have. That is, if you can bear to leave.

Our founder, Dick Bailey, fell for French Polynesia early. After visiting with his family as a boy, he knew he would come back. And he did. He returned for a visit in the early 1970s, and fell in love with a Tahitian woman and her country. More than thirty years later, he’s still here; to this day, Mr Bailey routinely stops en route to his office to marvel at the extraordinary beauty of his adopted home.   

Of course, to truly love a place is to want to protect it. Because this is home, Pacific Beachcomber’s entire team, across every brand in our family, genuinely cares: about French Polynesia, its people, and their culture. This has always been true, but we’ve stepped up our stewardship efforts since opening The Brando resort on Tetiaroa in 2014. The manifestation of film star Marlon Brando’s dream of a luxury eco-resort co-existing with a centre for research, education and conservation, Tetiaroa is considered one of the world’s most sustainable destinations.

Since then, Brando’s dream has become our own. Inspired by the idea that luxury travel and environmental and cultural preservation needn’t be mutually exclusive — and, in fact, mustn’t be — Pacific Beachcomber’s vision is to be the most sustainable hospitality company in the world. Day by day, brand by brand, we’re making meaningful strides towards realizing this vision. We’re pioneering new research and technology that will benefit our own properties, the Tahitian islands, and the planet. We’re partnering with ecotourism experts to ensure that we not only comply with international standards for sustainable travel, but that we’re leaders in this sphere. We’re doing everything we can to do right by the people for whom French Polynesia has always been home.

In doing so, we’re working to ensure that these iconic islands and the communities within them have a future as rich as their past. And in the meantime, we’re making sure you have a vacation that you can enjoy, and also feel good about. Ia Orana. Maeva. Welcome. We’re happy you’re here.