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I worked with Porchlight on a number of projects, including a basic brand strategy, website copy, and other collateral. The copy below is from their product catalogue.


Catalogue Introduction Copy

Paper matters.

Everywhere, people are declaring the decline of paper. The world has substituted swiping for turning pages, and emails for handwritten notes and cards.

But the way we see it, the rarer paper becomes in our lives, the more luxurious it seems. The scarcer handwritten cards from loved ones are, the more we regard them as priceless. We love that people who receive one of our cards, written with love by someone special to them, might hold onto it for life, tucked away with their most precious possessions.

And that’s why we do what we do. We make letterpress products with love and exacting care, so people will spot one of our creations and be inspired to put pen to paper.

In the pages that follow you’ll find our newest Porchlight products, plus some old favourites too.

Greeting card collection

Nothing makes us happier than seeing someone pick up one of our cards (say, Ziggy Starcat) and say, “This is perfect. I can’t believe this exists.” We create cards that we hope will strike a chord with people, remind them of someone they know, and inspire them to send that person a handwritten note – for their birthday, their retirement, or just because. Fact: everyone loves mail. And just-because-this-reminded-me-of-you mail? That’s the best kind.

Holiday collection

The old-as-time tradition of sending holiday cards is dying. Help us revive it with holiday cards sure to make your customers’ hearts grow three sizes.

Gift tags

Sometimes it’s what’s on the outside that counts. At least that’s the case with these gift tags, which can beautify even the most basically wrapped gifts.

Holiday mini notes

For those who have lots of people on their Nice List, but not a lot of time, our holiday mini notes are a great way to say ‘I’m thinking of you’ – short and very sweet, with little to no risk of writer’s cramp.

Mini note sets

Some sentiments don’t need a full-sized card: thank you, thinking of you, miss you. These mini notes – available as singles or as sets – are perfect for little notes with lots of heart.

Coaster sets

Protect your surfaces from rings with these lovely little gems. If you end up wanting to preserve these more than you do your coffee table, that’s cool. They’re also a nice decorative touch for flat surfaces of all kinds.


These notebooks are guaranteed to turn anyone into a poet. Okay, they’re not. But each list and every note will feel a bit closer to poetry in these pretty pieces.

Note sets

There are literally a million reasons to send these cards. Okay, not a million. But we can think of at least a hundred, right off the top of our heads. Send to people deserving thanks, congratulations, condolences, or anyone you think would just be happy to receive one (hint: that’s everyone).

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