Spark Real Estate

Agency: Switchboard

Spark is a technology company that simplifies and streamlines the process by which new development real estate is sold. I worked with their team to develop a basic brand strategy, including messaging about what they do and how they do it. Below is their brand platform.


Brand Platform

Spark is a groundbreaking technology company that’s simplifying the way new development real estate is marketed and sold. The clients we work with create beautiful, sophisticated, innovative new buildings that can transform where and how we live. We think the technology they use to market and sell that real estate should be just as beautiful and every bit as forward-thinking – and also really easy to use. We make intuitively simple software to help our clients market and sell real estate more efficiently, more powerfully, and more profitably.

We chose real estate because we love it. More importantly, we understand it – where it is now, and where it’s going. Our passion for real estate, and for building strong relationships with those who market and sell it, is what makes Spark tick. And what makes us thought leaders at the intersection of technology, real estate, and design.